My Favorite Apps and Online Resources to Keep Organized, Healthy & Reading All Year

It’s easy to let go of our goals and resolutions after a few weeks into the new year, but here are a few resources you can utilize daily to keep on track throughout the year.

Organization Goals

Paprika has so many neat features to keep you organized with your grocery list, meal planning and recipe database. It’s great because when my husband goes to the grocery store and I am at home and have a last-minute item to add, I can put that item on the list and our accounts are synced so he can get that while he is out. The app can import recipes from websites and allow you to edit, modify and categorize the recipe, and it will import the ingredients to your grocery list.

Dropbox is another favorite organization app which allows you to organize documents, photos and videos in one place from any device onto one account. It allows you to share files and save them on the app so that you will never lose your work. I use an old-school planner, but I love Google Calendar. It shows your schedule for the day or in a 3-day format. It allows you to enter goals and it will remind you to complete them. Also, it can show maps of any events on your schedule in which you have included the location.


To get organized at home, Mary Organizes is a great site to help you clean and declutter. A friend introduced me to this site at our MOPS meeting and I think it’s going to help me a lot!

Fitness and Nutrition Goals

Barre 3 has become my new favorite nutrition and fitness since having two little ones at my ankles. The site includes workouts at varying lengths and based on the cardiovascular, endurance or strength training muscle groups you would like to target. The exercises are isometric movements that hone in on certain parts of the body and maintaining a tight core.

It’s about the cost of a monthly gym fee, so well worth it in my opinion. My toddler has an exercise mat as well and enjoys it so much. Also, the recipes are nutrition plans are really excellent.


Running is a big part of my life and Runkeeper has been a consistent motivating, goal-attaining app to keep track of my progress throughout the year.

MyFitnessPal is my go-to for counting calories and viewing my personal nutritional data.

Learning Goals

I’m a total bookworm, but as a mom of two small children it’s hard to find time to read. I love the site Modern Mrs. Darcy because there are lots of great resources, book lists and reviews. There is are two 2017 reading challenges, one for fun and one for growth.


Goodreads is the perfect spot to track your personal reading achievements and find recommendations from other readers.

She Reads Truth is one of my favorite apps for reading the Bible. There are Bible studies, (some free and some only $2-5) on books of the Bible and specific topics, a progress meter for reading the Bible during the year and lots of beautiful screen savers and other resources. The online community allows you to feel like you are in a Bible study with other women all over the world as you can share personal insights from the readings and devotions.


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