My home

If you come over to my house it might smell like curry, marinara or falafel. My diffuser and lemon essential oil works hard to mask the smell, but I love to cook and our house is small.

If you come over, you might hear crying or roaring laughter from my kids, or total silence when they’re both taking a nap, which is actually never. They like to tag team keeping us awake and busy, day and night.

I would offer you coffee or tea and something that we baked, and likely my daughter “helped” but I stand by the quality.

You would find puzzles and magnatiles and coloring sheets strewn across the floor, and my messy craft corner in the living room. My mid-century modern desk that we found while antique shopping, and oh let me tell you the story about how we got it to fit in our car.

You might find my stash of box pinot noir or cheddar caramel popcorn in the kitchen when mommy times get tough.

You might notice my mustard yellow geometric outdoor/indoor rug in the living room and think that’s hideous or absolutely brilliant with toddlers/ babies that produce mustard yellow body fluids and make messes in general.

My walls are constantly changing and I’ve finally warmed up to gallery walls. I used to think they were messy, but I appreciate that asthetic now, and each piece on my wall has a story.

You might peek into the master bedroom since our house is so small and see the piles of books on my nightstand, and piles of laundry on our bed because that’s where I sort and fold it, and I can never seem to stay on top of it. Oh and don’t look on that wall – that’s the 55 inch tv my husband thought we should put in our bedroom when my son was born. I’m still not warmed up to that giant beast.

I would sit with you and ask you about you, your kids, or live vicariously through you if you were single and free. What’s that like?

I would ask you about you – what God has taught you, book recommendations, recipe recommendations, parenting advice, if you have kids. What fun activities you have planned with your kids? Where do you get your hair cut, and what color/brand is that nail polish you’re wearing?

We may be listening to something mellow like Elizabeth Mitchell or Ingrid Michaelson, or if I’m feeling nostalgic maybe Pete Yorn or Dismemberment Plan. And if I just can’t even, maybe we’d be watching Peppa Pig or a Disney movie.

If it’s the evening, we may head down stairs to our basement/ movie theater (the reason my husband as a bachelor bought the house!) and we’d make popcorn, play board games or watch a movie down there, or sit outside around the fire pit.

This is my home. This is my refuge, my job site, my restaurant, my place of recreation and rest. We love, share, have time outs, discuss the things we love, the things we hate, ideas, plans, stories from the past and hope for the future. This is my home.

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