Road Trip Toys for Toddlers & Babies

Road Trip Toys for Toddlers & Babies

So instead of packing, I’m blogging about packing. Eh, 2 more days should be plenty of time. I have been trying to decide on the toys and came up with the following criteria:

We have made many mistakes with packing big items, like a giant baby swing the first time we ever stayed overnight. It took up about a third of our packing space. Still, we are no experts and the ipad will be at hand for sure!

Our oldest is now 2.5 years old, so it’s nice that she is able to entertain herself. When she was about 1, we had to stop almost every half hour to an hour to let her out of the car to visit fast-food playgrounds and rest areas.

I decided on a top 9 for both my toddler and baby. Again, I’m no expert. We just try to survive. Books, lace-up toys, play-doh, the purse and phone from her dress-up box and the magnatiles are loved by her and her baby brother. The magnetic story board is a fun activity when we’ve stopped for a longer period, along with the story cubes. My absolute favorite for stops at restaurants is the Melissa & Doug Water Wow brush with coloing book. All you need is water!

For our 9 month old, he is crawling, standing and into everything. We’ll bring his lovey pirate pig, his favorite books, a ball, toy cars, the latches puzzle, his travel teether with a mirror (definitely!), a little not-too-annoying electronic house toy, the hammer from his tool bench. Lastly, our one splurge item will be the stand-up Leap Frog keyboard, rainmaker noises, fun button toy. It breaks down easily, and even with the volume off, it’s a lot of fun. We’ll also bring his lightweight doorway jumper and a few bath and beach toys for the kids.

This might not sound like a lot to some folks, or it might sound excessive. What do you pack for your littles when you take long trips?

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