More Adventurous

More Adventurous

I’ll never forget the first time I went skiing. I had no idea what all of the symbols meant. Black diamond, blue triangle, red circle, I had no clue. I was 24, fearless and excited to go skiing. Growing up in South Carolina, the opportunity never presented itself until that day.

When you’re 24, you can sleep on a futon, eat a bag of chocolate covered espresso beans and stay up all night and it just doesn’t phase you. At least it didn’t phase me. I was always up for adventures.

For my first “real” job, where I was making a decent enough salary to support myself, I had moved to Milwaukee to be a health educator. I was excited to use my degree, and explore Chicago on the weekends.

I thought I would have a Mary Tyler Moore moment, and throw my beret in the air, but instead I jabbed myself with my umbrella as the winter winds blew it in my face, also while carrying stacks of health education materials to the health fair that I was working at.

I looked up and saw two ladies laughing at me and at that moment I realized, “we’re not in the south anymore, Toto.” But actually over time, I realized the folks I met in the Midwest were some of the nicest ever.

The best events that have ever happened in my life went about with very little to no planning. I have to remind myself and live with that same YES attitude as I once had, for it has been worth it. The best and the worst times have made me who I am. If you are contemplating a new idea, adventure, job, location, etc., take that leap of faith. Say yes. Just go. Get out of your head. Don’t let your fears hold you back. Life is short, and so very sweet, so pursue those ambitions with every ounce of fervor.

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