Our little home makeover

I married in to my first house. My husband picked the house because the basement was perfect for a movie theater. Priorities, right? We have done a lot of work to make the inside perfectly cozy for our family of 4, but the outside has been neglected for a long time.

Before, we parked on the grass (often through the mud) since it’s a steep climb from the garage to the front door. Ain’t nobody doing that with 2 kids, 2 & under, schleping a ton of baby gear.

The city nixed our request to create a circle drive since we live at the corner with a stop sign. SO, we had to make some adjustments.

Our goals were to give the house curb appeal, improve accessibility and organize systems (walkway, mail, recycling, trash). Our house needed depth, tiers in the landscaping and a pop of color.

The raised wall helps to give the house depth. I never liked the railings on the deck before. The stairs were narrow and the bushes made the house look smaller. The new light and numbers give it a mid-century modern touch.

I love the new planter box below the deck that my father-in-law custom made. We planted strawberries today. The trellis to the left is used to hide the trash, along with the recycling bin on a raised platform. We hope to grow blackberries or something to conceal and shade it completely.

Finally, we moved the mailbox from the driveway to the center of the house. It’s nice to be able to walk outside and have openness and organization.