My Favorite Subscription Boxes as a SAHM

My Favorite Subscription Boxes as a SAHM

I love subscription boxes for two primary reasons. First of all, our family lives far from stores that offer a variety of items, and secondly, it’s really difficult to shop with a baby and a toddler. We have tried meal and snack boxes, date night boxes, clothing boxes for myself and the kids, and learning activity/craft and international experience boxes.


We started ordering meal boxes at this time last year, and we’ve tried Blue Apron, Home Chef, Hello Fresh, Sun Basket and Green Chef. Hands down, our favorite is Blue Apron. Even at times when we’re not sure we’d like a certain dish, we have been pleasantly surprised!

I’m not one for following directions to make a meal. I usually cook by memory, experience and intuition. However, when my son was born last year, my husband decided to try this out. He’s learned a lot about cooking: balancing flavors, savory, herbs, spices, sweetness and acidity components necessary in dishes. Also, Blue Apron’s wine subscription is amazing!


Graze is one of the most popular and has a wide variety of snacks. When you are a stay-at-home mom, this is essential. We have enjoyed trying these out, and it’s convenient to throw one of these snack packs in my bag for myself instead of stealing the goldfish all of the time. Just tried Nature Box and our whole family loves it!

Date Night-In

Again, with small children (and grandparents far away), it’s difficult to take nights out on the town, and expensive to pay for that along with babysitting. The jury is still out on this since we haven’t tried enough to give a good review, but Crated with Love, Datebox and Unbox Love all seem like winners. We are less interested in doing crafts together (ha!) and the boxes that include games/discussion questions appeal to us more to freshen up our communication and love life. There’s also Fantasy Box for extra spiciness, and Love Me Sender is a good option, and only $5 a box!


I have tried 3 Stitch Fix boxes now. My first time was amazing! The past two boxes have not been as stellar so I’m not ready to give a hearty endorsement. I’m learning that it’s best to ask for the same stylist you’ve had success with in the past, and to provide lots of information about your style and wants. I think I’m also very picky and I’m trying not to accumulate too much in my wardrobe in order to keep it simple.

However, for my 2 year-old daughter, I have tried two boxes called Kidpik and Kidbox. Kidpik is THE best. This service styles girls ages 4-14, so we’re not quite able to fit everything yet, but it’s still so much fun to try it on and both boxes are completely free shipping, returns and styling fees – plus, the clothes are not too expensive.

Learning Activity/Craft

Little Passports and Kiwi Crate are both excellent, fun, educational, creative boxes for kids. Though it’s more on the expensive side, I’d love to try this dress-up subscription box someday. There are many others I hope to try in the future!

International Boxes

Have I mentioned how much I love snacks? Not to mention, I absolutely love learning about other cultures, traveling and international experiences. So this is by far my favorite of all boxes. Universal Yums and Try the World are both amazing, packaged beautifully and contain educational learning points about the countries featured in the box.

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