My name is Katie and I’m just a mama, trying to make it through the day without yelling or eating my feelings. I’m a Carolina native living in Abingdon, VA with my husband, toddler girl and baby boy. I’m an aspiring crafter, an outdoorsy gal and a lover of cultures and all the delicious foods from around the world.

I’m a 30-something who’s lived, worked, studied, volunteered and vacationed to 30-something countries.

The first time I flew in an airplane was when I was 17 years old. I won an essay contest and the prize was an all-expense paid 9-day trip to Italy. That experience opened my eyes to people who do things differently than me. It gave me confidence to embrace life outside of my comfort zone, and welcome new adventures.

Now my greatest adventure is getting to go to Target! By myself? Even better. I love the little town that I now call home and I love my husband, Nathan, and being a mommy to our littles. And though we live far from the hustle and bustle of city life and diverse cultures, I am savoring this new chapter. The little years. Fleeting, tender, yet often stressful moments. I want to bottle up their voices, that fuzzy bird head hair after a long nap and their genuine sweetness.

There is a big retired community in our small town and nearly every time we go out, a sweet elderly person is touching my baby’s feet and giving me parenting advice. My husband and I joke that we will be just like that someday. It used to bother us when we had our first and she was really tiny, but now I love it because I can tell it really made their day to see and touch a little one.

Wherever you are in life, hold tight to the people you love because this is what matters, more than any mountain to climb, job title or stamp on a passport. This is life, and it’s lovely and hard and messy and fun and good. So good.

This site was named after a blog title, the first I had published by a mom’s network. It was created to share the ups and downs of motherhood, unfiltered, and the lessons I have learned (still learning) along the way. Grab a cup of coffee and join me if you will. Thanks for visiting!